Sony WM-B602 clutch gear – new


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  • Item name: Sony WM-B602 clutch gear – new
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  • Material: POM
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Item: Sony WM-B602 clutch gear – new

Sony WM-B602 clutch gear – new are custom made professionally using CNC lathe and gear hobing machine. Lot of manual work is involved

These Sony WM-B602 clutch gear – new solves infamous problem of EX-head Sony walkmans, produced around year 1989. These players are generally known as the ones with the most beautiful optical design. Unfortunately, mechanics used inside was not designed well because it is prone to various issues. The most known problems are cracked reel gears and cracked clutch gear, located under big pulley wheel. While problem with cracked reel gears can be easily fixed by gluing them to their reel shaft, clutch gear is different story. It is very tiny and too complex to be fixed. The only good solution is to replace it.

Get your spare parts to be able to fix your cassette player. Check our General Repair Instructions to find basic information about tools and skills needed to repair your player.

Unlike modern electronics, your cassette deck was built to last for decades. However, even this player contains some parts that deteriorate and you need to replace them. To fix it, you will need to perform some routine tasks, like replace rubber parts,  do cleaning and lubrication. Finally, you should adjust and check azimuth, output level and speed. Read our Instructions section to learn more about repairs.

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Most probable reasons of cassette player failure

  • Aged belt – needs to be replaced, there is no other help.
  • Pinch roller – clean it well with IPA. If it doesn’t help, then you need to replace it.
  • Corroded battery contacts – clean them well
  • Volume pot oxidized – there are special sprays for that purpose. Apply only small drop, do not spray everything

Other: leaked capacitors, cracked plastic parts, old grease and oil turned into glue, dirty switches, dirt inside player, worn head (can be lapped), faulty electronics, damage caused by leaked battery, dry motor bearings

After each repair of cassette player, speed must be adjusted!

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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