Our philosophy

Those old good times…

Most electronics of nowadays, audio devices especially, are built with respect to low cost. Product quality is secondary. These devices do not last long. After 4-5 years they must be replaces by new one. Repairing them is not easy, they’re usually not made to be disassembled and fixed. Most times, they even contain built-in battery and all design is created by one integrated circuit with several parts around.

On the other hand, build quality of devices made 30 – 40 years ago is exceptional. They were built to work for 10-20 years without any service needed. Also, audio quality is not so bad as modern marketing tries to convince us. Analog sound is more pleasure to listen, there’s more fun with recordings stored on physical media.

I want to keep my old player but what to do?

Nobody can expect that his old stereo will work after he plugs it for the first time after 30 or 40 years. Thousands of such devices end in trash every year. It’s because people do not know how to fix them and do not want to spend too much money in repair shops. Also it’s because they cannot find suitable spare part. Many of these devices are valuable and can offer audio quality that electronics of nowadays can’t.

Usually, all that these players need, is simple service, replace some rubber parts, like idler tires or belts, cleanup and lubrication. Screwdriver is many times the only tool that is needed to fix them. It’s time to search for spare parts, service manuals, read articles about repairs, ask questions at specialized forums, get some basic equipment to be able to fix them.

What we try to achieve?

We  support you with spare parts for your old audio devices.  We do all research and development, most parts sold here are designed and produced by us. We try to make them available to anyone, for the lowest possible prices.

Our spare parts are made in small quantities, we need to sponsor whole development and production process. Initial costs are much higher than product itself. Some products sell better, some worse. It is not possible to cover all spare parts but we try to support those that are most desired. Profit from sale goes into development of another parts.

What is our philosophy?

Our philosophy is to support old audio devices fans. We develop parts that are not available anywhere else, so that old audio devices could be brought back to life. By selling parts we can sponsor further development of parts for another beautiful devices. Expenses needed for research and design are zero, we do it in our free time as hobby. However, to start production, it is necessary to pay initial costs (like mold production or CNC programming, tools cost..) and therefore we are thankful for any product that you buy.