Orders product costs


Most of products that are sold on this site are custom made. They are designed by us, we order their production at various manufacturers, and then we adjust/complete them here, in our workshop. Because nobody else produces them anymore, this is the only way how to bring obsolete spare parts to people all over the world.

Quality requirements for these products are high, that’s why they must be produced professionally. Initial cost to produce these parts is high. For example, to produce thin belt for personal cassette player, mold has to be produced first. Then there is a lot of manual work involved – material preparation, machine operation, vulcanization, quality inspection.. Also, amount of material used to produce one belt is much higher than volume of the belt itself.

Products are made in small quantities, usually hundreds of pieces, which also means higher price per one unit/
In spite of this fact, we try to make these products to be available to wide public. It is not easy task because some products sell better while other worse. For those products, that are sold in small quantities, we have to donate them from sale of more successful parts. We also use profit from sale to design new parts, for thousand of other non-functioning devices that are waiting for them.