FAQ section

Q: After I replace the belt, what else should I do?
A: You should at least set correct tape speed. You can buy our speed calibration tape. For perfect results, you should also do cleanup, lubrication and other tasks.

Q: Walkman runs too slow or too fast, even after I replaced the belt.
A: This is not belt issue. This is old device and speed has to be re-adjusted. Please, see the previous answer

Q: I can hear lot of wow/flutter.
A: There can be many reasons for it. Most often it is worn pinch roller, dirt in the belt path, dirty or dry moving parts of walkman, polished capstan, dry capstan bearings, wrong belt size or quality, etc.

Q: I need advice regarding fixing walkmans.
A: We are very glad to help. Unfortunately, I get so many question, that I’m not able to answer them all. Please visit tapeheads.net or stereo2go.com sites and ask experienced members, there. We also contribute there.

Q: What is the correct belt path routing?
A: Google search your walkman model and display result as images. Usually you will find photo of mechanics. If not, make your photo and send it to the forums that we mentioned. I will try to help.

Q: My model is not listed, do you have belt, pinch roller or idler for it?
A: If it is not listed, it means that I do not have information about the size. In case of the belt, please measure the belt length. Stretch a piece of string along the belt path and measure the belt circumference. Send the measures to me. From this we can calculate the original belt size. In case of pinch roller, send us the outer diameter, rubber height, hub height and hole diameter. Use our inquiry form

Q: After I hit play button, I can hear only slight motor noise and then it stops. Is it belt issue, or is it something else?
A: Yes, it is very probably the belt issue.

Q: How long do belts usually last?
A: Usually about 20 years. It depends on the amount of additives added during vulcanization process. I tried to avoid using too much additives for increasing the material elasticity, so I hope the belt will last longer. But who knows..

Q: Please, provide me with information how to fix my player
A: Each player is different. There are thousand of models and I cannot manage preparing detailed instruction how to fix each one. I will update tutorials page with repair instructions for most common models. However, you can find useful instructions here  and lot of information here.

Q: Can you fix player for me?
A: Our time is very restricted. We will better spend time by designing and selling new spare parts, to help more people.

Q: I cannot find my model name on your site
A: Then try to measure dimensions of your part and search them “by dimensions” in our shop.

Q: I cannot find part that I need in your shop.
A: Then use inquiry form, we continuously develop new parts. Those with higher inerest get higher priority.