Rubber Belt 26 * 0.5 mm (1.0″ * 0.02″) square shaped


Belt 26 * 0.5 mm

This belt is used to replace old, aged or melted belt.


ONE belt, internal diameter 26 mm, thickness 0.5 mm. You can use this belt in personal cassette players, walkmans, DCC players, mini-disc players, discmans as drive or counter belt.

PLEASE, read description and FAQ section before you send me the message or question.

If you cannot find your model listed here, then you can measure dimensions of the belt used in your player and find it in “Belts by dimensions” category. You can measure belt circumference by stretching a piece of string along the belt path. You can calculate diameter easily: DIAMETER = CIRCUMFERENCE / PI. Then reduce diameter about 10% to get the original belt size.

The most belts that you can buy on eBay or in various e-shops are too thick and therefore you can use them with restrictions only. Thicker belts are cheaper and easier to produce, but your player may not meet wow/flutter specs! We tested each belt before we listed it here.

Most of the belts offered by us are the same thick as original – only 0.5 TO 0.6 mm THICK. Our belts are custom made, do not ask for original ones – these are not made anymore. Even if you find some, they will be old and unusable.

Our BELTS are NEW, maximum 2 years old. After 2 years, we will order new production.

About repairs

In most cases, replacing the belt and adjusting motor speed is quick-win. However, to bring walkman to the original specs, you should do more tasks. Please, see the FAQ section below for more details. Also, you will need good quality tools and equipment.

Minimum tools that you need to fix your player:
– quality screwdriver
– high grade oil, that dries slowly
– tweezers
speed calibration tape, smartphone with frequency counter software
– IPA, cotton wool…

About Price

The reason, why we sell the belts is, that we want to encourage people in keeping and using their old walkmans. That’s why we SELL with MINIMUM profit, for the lowest-possible price. We produce them in small amounts and hence, their cost is relatively high. Do not ask us for discounts. We use profit for further development of new spare parts. The sell price includes all PayPal or card fees, packing material and the belt itself.

Problem resolution

We do everything to avoid sending defective product. However, if that happens, we will send you another belt, or we issue refund.
If you mistakenly ordered wrong belt, then we will send you replacement belt of the correct size (if w have it) for the shipping cost only.

About shipping

Worldwide registered shipping for the lowest possible price. The shipping from Slovakia is generally very fast, package leaves country in 1-2 business days after it has been posted. The delivery time depends mostly on the delays in the destination country. It can be delayed due to import customs control for example. First of all, track package using your local post service web page. Delivery time is typically – from 2 days to 2 weeks, rarely it is more. If you do not receive your product in 15 business days (EU) or 30 business days (rest of the world) , let me know and I will send you new belts or issue refund. We ship next business day for orders that you place before 17:00.

Good luck with your repairs.

I need to help fixing my player…

Please visit our FAQ section and our Tutorial section for more information
Also, good sources of information are

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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